Did you know that "PitBull" isn't even a breed? Rather, it is a generic term to classify certain characteristics, such as large boxed heads, muscular bodies, etc.


If you follow us on Facebook you probably know about Hank (pictured above & to the left). Hank was a dog we rescued who had been found in an abusive environment with a pillowcase wrapped so tightly around his neck that he almost became decapitated.

Hank had to have vet visits every other day, which got very costly. And despite the efforts to keep his neck wrapped with a cast, he was still able to tear through it and ripped open his neck on 2 different occasions, causing him to lose a lot of blood.

With the help of Town & Country Veterinary Clinic, donations, and our owner, Melissa, Hank made a remarkable recovery and is ready to find his very own family to love him.  

Here at TAC, a lot of our dogs are of the "Pit" breed. That includes Staffordshire's, American Pits, Pit terriers, and mixes.

Often we come across people who are scared of them or worried about being near them when visiting the shelter. We just want to provide you with a little knowledge on these amazing dogs, so you can form an educated opinion.

Here at Take -A- Chance, we typically rescue dogs from Clayton County Animal Control. Often times, we pull them the same day they were scheduled to be euthanized.

Most rescues, including us, are often having to rehabilitate dogs after they've experienced abusive or neglectful situations. Another huge issue is overpopulation. Many organizations, if not all, that you ever come across are very active in advocating for spaying/neutering.


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but we surely hope you thought it through

How this all works


DO you know that the main reason they're feared is simply because evil people take advantage of their strength and training abilities?

Did you know that Pits are extremely smart and very easy to train?

Take -A- Chance

How we use your monetary donations

We wouldn't be able to run our rescue without the help of your donations. Monetary donations go to 2 main things: Rent for our building and vet bills. Since we get our dogs fixed, fully vetted, vaccinated, and give them monthly flea/tick/heartworm prevention, our vet bill can get pretty hefty. Lots of rescues often run into the ten thousands with their vet bills. This is also why item donations (food, toys, etc.) are extremely valued and appreciated, so our money can go to bills.

Did you know that Pits are very human friendly and with the right socialization training at a young age can also be very dog friendly?